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February 7, 2011 / admin

Missed Connection – No Interracial Super bowl Commercials

This Midweek Missed Connection is of a different kind.

I attempted to watch the boring Super Bowl and pay attention to the commercials but my attention waned. I did manage to see the insensitive Pepsi commercial where an aggressive/abusive/scary Black woman hurls a can at her emasculated boyfriend/husband, misses and hits a White woman who only seconds before had been flirting with him.

I won’t be focusing so much on that commercial, which has been met with a lot of uproar, because the topic of this blog is Black women and White men. As I mentioned in the pre-face to my post, I didn’t pay much attention so I could be wrong, however I highly doubt many of the commercials last night featured many Black women. From what I can tell, this commercial was the only one which prominently featured a Black woman (correct me if I am wrong) in the “starring” role. The Pepsi ad has garnered a lot of attention, but missed the mark as most of the feedback has been negative from all sides: slighted BW, WW, BM … I guess White men were spared since the creator of the commercial was White and the people who voted the video to air were more than likely overwhelmingly White.

I know companies that advertise during the Super Bowl pay a pretty penny to get their message infront of the millions of people watching (this is probably one of the only times when people actually look forward to a program’s commercials) however did any company last night have Black Women as a target? And I don’t mean a target in the way the folks at Pepsi view BW, but more like were any of these companies trying to appeal to Black women? That didn’t appear to be the case and if there was one or two, I only have one word – FAIL.

If a company actually wanted to appeal to Black women’s pocketbooks and dollars, really stand out and be talked about today they missed the opportunity to connect with Black women by showing something we hardly/never see… Beautiful Black women being desired/ being viewed as desireable by attractive White men and  challenging the stereotypes that are widely perpetuated in the U.S.A. Now that would get our attention and be refreshing, new and interesting ~

I can’t help but wonder if a company HAD aired a clever commercial showing a White man adoring, flirting, crushing on a Black Woman the positive attention it would have received. Maybe some ad exec should have pointed this out to one of the companies…  and today, instead of offended Black women vowing to boycott a brand and sending out frustrated e-mails, they would be celebrating and spreading the word to everyone who came within earshot to support said company.

Oh well – missed opportunity! Hey ad execs, listen up – There’s always next year!


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