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February 3, 2011 / admin

Want to Stand Out in a Good Way? Here’s How!

Invest in vintage clothing and/or reproductive vintage fashions today!

In this article in the New York Times, the women who wear these clothes attest to receiving different treatment from men when dressed in their vintage inspired clothing as opposed to being in modern day apparel, like jeans and uggs. Specifically, they recount the responses they have received in these comments:

“Ms. von Firley’s hair is cut in a 1920s style Dutch bob, and she is rarely seen in an outfit that isn’t vintage or reproduction vintage. “Men treat me differently when I wear vintage or something that looks vintage,” she said. “I’ve noticed that they open doors and even apologize when they swear, which is so not the case when I’m wearing regular clothes like pants and a sweater.”

Others who wear reproduction fashions said they had similarly enjoyed increased chivalry. “It’s a very movie-star, glamorous look that turns heads,” said Rebecca Watson, 42, a retired vice president at AutoTrader who lives in Leesburg, Ala. “And you won’t see five other people in the room wearing it.” Her favorite everyday outfit is 1940s-style free-flowing pants and a silk blouse by ReVamp, with Kate Spade leopard print flats or Stuart Weitzman wedge sandals.”

The article specifically focuses on the benefits of buying vintage reproductions as opposed to the more expensive, original vintage clothing.  However, whether you choose one or the other, these feminine and glamorous looks/styles will be a surefire way to turn heads and reinforce that you are a true lady in every sense of the word. Plus, you can find comfort in the fact that the styles, as mentioned in the article are, for the most part, classic.

“Since ‘Mad Men,’ it’s been crazy busy,” said Letty Tennant, 30, owner and chief designer of Queen of Heartz in Anaheim, Calif. “And you can’t say it’s just a fad because these clothes are timeless classics, not ‘in’ one year and ‘you wouldn’t be caught dead in it’ next year.”

To complete the look, consider styling your hair in the 50’s/60’s style and experimenting with the make up tips of that time. As mentioned in the articles, classes are now being given on how to achieve the full look (make-up and hair)… one such example is ReVamp, a retro clothier in Los Angeles which offers classes that teach women how to do their hair and makeup true to the period of their vintage-inspired attire. If you can’t get to ReVamp because you are not in the Los Angeles area, there are plenty of youtube videos to watch and learn from.

Por Ejemplo.. Click here if you cannot see the video below


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