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February 2, 2011 / admin

Nominate Your Favorite IR Television Couple of 2010

It seems every time I turn on the television lately, there’s some awards show going on, coming up or announcing its nominees. So I thought I’d take that premise and have some fun with our own award – the BlackwomanWhiteman Favorite IR Television Couple Award.

To get the award off, we’ll need to nominate some interracial television couples. Now, I’ve been pretty busy and I don’t have cable so I’m going to need your help on getting a good list of nominees together.

Post a couple (their character names/real names/television show) where the woman is Black and the man is White. All genres of shows are applicable (comedy, drama, teen shows) and the couple may no longer be together but they must have been an item at one point in the show.



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  1. Jai / Feb 2 2011 6:45 pm

    There’s only one that I know of and that’s Jada Pinkett-Smith(Christina) and Michael Vartan(Tom) in the TNT series Hawthorne. I love them, I look forward to next season!!

    Side note: Michael Vartan was also on the series Big Shots(abc show that was cancelled a couple of years ago) and his love interest was Nia Long; loved them together too. Their character names were James & Katie, check youtube there are plenty of clips with them.

    • admin / Feb 2 2011 10:09 pm

      I think there’s another couple on a teen centric show where the girl who used to play Bernie Mac’s neice (the older one) is in an interracial relationship.

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