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January 25, 2011 / admin

Retweet Worthy: The Natural Order of Things!

During a recent discussion on Topix, this comment was made in response to a poster claiming/complaining about Black women (supposedly) worshipping White men due to the plethora of youtube videos being made by them about White men and Black women relationships.

“First it is a thought, second it is a fantasy, third it is art and finally it is reality. So I think we should talk about things before they become reality. I see a future where black women are happy to forget about black men for white men.” – Apple

The responder felt there was nothing wrong with all of the videos of Black women talking about the subject, even if they weren’t in or had never been in interracial relationships but wanted to explore one, and didn’t see it as worshipping White men at all.

I have not seen all of the videos but I don’t think the majority of them are worshipping White men nor advocating for other Black women to worship White men. The way I see it, Black women are simply embarking on a much needed publicity campaign and are taking advantage of the highly visible and free video site to spread the word to Black women that it’s okay to prefer/desire dating White men – and let White men know there is an attraction there while destroying the false perceptions of Black women only desiring Black men in the process. The original poster may think these women appear to be desperate, but little does he know those videos are having a massive effect on the intended audience.

Unlike the poster’s comment indicated, I think the focus should not be as much on Black women forgetting about Black men, but moreso about opening themselves up to White men and other non-bm, whereas in the past many were close minded. This is a necessity in order to reverse the seeds of thought that have been soundly planted into little Black girls’ heads regarding: White men only wanting black women for one thing, White men not being attracted to Black women (see the contradiction), White men not marrying Black women, ad nauseum. These videos are meant to reverse all of that negative propoganda — and guess what, it’s working on the intended audience.

That’s why you see more and more bw/wm blogs being formed, videos being made, tweets mentioning Black girls and women’s desire to try something new, facebook groups popping up, ads, books, commercials, movies and television shows featuring these couplings, and finally more real life couples and weddings taking place!

Thought – Fantasy – Art – Reality …. it’s the natural order of things! The youtube videos the poster is complaining about is a part of a movement that is changing minds and lives – what people think about interracial relationships and whether they want one or can be in one. Yes, something as small as “talking” about the matter puts everything else into motion.  These types of videos  will continue to crop up and spread (White guys are watching, commenting and making videos of their own about Black women and White men) and I do not have a single problem with that!



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  1. WingedBeast / Jan 25 2011 5:53 pm

    I’m trying to imagine how I would respond if somebody told me about the potential tragedy of women of Scottish decent dating men not of Scottish decent. Speaking as a man of Scottish decent, my response would be “okay.”

  2. admin / Jan 25 2011 6:36 pm

    I didn’t even want to touch on the subject of why the original poster was so annoyed/bothered by the videos… after all, he isn’t the intended audience and certainly doesn’t need to watch them if he doesn’t want to!

    • Carib / Feb 11 2011 11:05 pm

      Exactly. If I may give my opinion, I’m not sure why that person was so upset..BM are dating/marrying out of their race at a higher rate than BW. Do I care, no…I’m too busy focusing on my happiness. The way some people react, you would think that BW being with non black men will destroy mankind.
      The last thing I will say is, THANK YOU…you said everything I would’ve said. Great post!

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