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January 22, 2011 / admin

CHICAGO – Light Meal + a Shared Movie/Book to Talk About

I’m in Peoria, Illinois.  And I’m thinking a simple meal at a casual restaraunt.  We have a book we’ve both read or a movie we’ve both watched in order to start the conversation. I’d like to see the movie with you, but sometime’s time is an issue. My days off, these days, are Mondays and Tuesdays.  But, my evenings are usually good.

Date Details:
When: Mondays or Tuesdays
Time: Evenings
Date Duration: Quick
Date Category: Activity, Food

Gender: Male
Age: 32
Height: 5’7″

Education: Bachelor’s Degree
Hobbies/Interesting Tid Bits: Physical stats are available.  The picture is a few months gone but the only difference is that I’ve grown my hair out into a ponytail. I don’t drink or smoke (well, what fun do you have?) but I do like reading, writing, and having a good debate (with people who know how to have one.  A shouting match is not a debate.). For fun, well, I’m a bit of a geek.  I like science fiction and fantasy.  I also pay a vague amount of attention to politics and philosophy. I’m shy at first but, after I gain my social feet, if I talk too much, just let me know. Also, this may be a dealbreaker for some.  I’m an atheist.  It doesn’t seem like much to some, but I’ve had others say it means no potential for a relationship.  If that’s you, I wish you well.

Qualities I’m Looking for: Intelligent and a good conversationalist.  Don’t be afraid of boring me with your interests, just be ready to use layman’s terms until I have any understanding. A willingness to respectfully disagree.  I have a tendancy to play devil’s advocate. Kindness and snarky sense of humor.  The ability to snark and be a little mean is important, but also maintain a general ability to wish the best for people.

Drink: 0
Smoke: 0
Exercise: 2
Eat Healthy: 1

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