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December 27, 2010 / admin

PBS KIDS – Biracial Children on TV – Part 2

Did you know that there’s an interracial couple on the popular children’s show, Supher Why? Yep – Princess Pea or “Princess Pesto” has a Black mother and a white father, Prince Charming.

I discovered this while watching tv one day with my young nephew – I believe the episode showed Princess Pesto switching families with the main character, of course only to discover that she and the main character actually missed their family dynamics they originally sought to escape. (Exact episode details below)

The Prince and the Pauper (#152) Duration: 28:46 STEREO TVY
Whyatt thinks his house is too loud while Princess Pea believes her home is too quiet! Would the friends be better-off if they switched places? To look for a solution, Super Why and his friends encounter two friends just as they are about to switch houses. A prince on the farm and a pauper in a castle soon leads to chaos and confusion! Where will everyone be the happiest? Educational Objectives: To learn to appreciate where you’re from. Kids will experiment with the alphabet, celebrate spelling and use the power to read to change the story.

Princess Pea and her Black/White Parents in the background


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  1. C. / Jan 5 2011 1:14 am

    The actress(Tajja Isen) who voices Princess Presto is also a biracial (black) “princess” born to a black mother and white father, too! She is a gifted pianist, singer and literary savant, currently in university. Visit her MySpace to hear some of her jams! or her YouTube “Kcise1”.

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