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December 22, 2010 / admin

Midweek Missed Connection – D’oh Supermarket Flirting

Beautiful African American Goddess in Supermarket – m4w – 45 (Patchogu – 45 (Patchogue)

OMG !! You are gorgeous. I saw you at the Waldbaums supermarket in Patchogue – Wed. 11/24/10. You asked me about a certain vegetable.
I was so nervous when you spoke to me, my heart was racing. I was so taken back by your beauty. You are so sexy, with a great figure and such a pretty face. You and your little girl passed me several times in the aisles. I wanted to chat you up and regretted not taking that opportunity. Probably once in a lifetime chance. We checked out side by side at the registers and you spoke to me several times, throwing smiles my way. Felt like we had chemistry. By some crazy chance….

if you read this… reply back and tell me what vegetable we spoke about. I hope to hear from you. Smitten white guy in Patchogue.



I think this woman was taking me up on one of our site challenges, what do you think? She did everything right! Came grocery shopping looking like a “gorgeous” “goddess” – not in sweats and rollers -, spotted a guy she liked and asked him about a vegetable that she has probably cooked hundreds of times :), kept “running into him” in different aisles, found him at the checkout line and chatted him up while throwing smiles his way! Of course she must have thought he just wasn’t interested or available!

Women, take note on how to dole out signs that you are interested in a man and men, take note of all the bright green signals that a woman is interested!

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