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December 18, 2010 / admin

Get your Swirl on This Christmas!

Here are 6 tips for taking advantage of the holiday season to get your swirl on:

1. Go to a Holiday Christmas Party, and not just your office holiday christmas party – but anyone and everyone’s – the more the better! Find out which of your friends are having holiday parties and who needs someone to accompany them, dress to the hilt and keep an eye out for mistletoes! (J/jk) By going to any and every holiday party you can muster an invitation to, if you meet a guy/girl you like you won’t have to worry about dating someone you work with.

2. Go Ice Skating! With this one, mainly couples or groups of friends normally do this activity. So bunch together a bunch or friends. You might also consider taking a lesson by yourself with a group of people you don’t know. It’ll give you the opportunity to meet new folks and you can laugh at each other and use one another for balance to keep from falling all over the place.

3. Go christmas tree shopping! Buying a christmas tree? You’re not the only one. Go to the busiest/most popular place for purchasing a christmas tree and ham it up with any cuties in sight. You have something interesting to talk about and since shopping for christmas trees takes a little while (you want to make sure you get the best one) you can take your sweet time and the vendors won’t find you suspicious at all.

4. Volunteer! Call up the salvation army or any other non-profit organization in your area. Find a food shelter and help cook or serve food or give your time at a hospital or animal shelter. (Some ideas: Toys for Tots, Habitat for Humanity, Ronald McDonald House) These organizations could always do with more help and not only will you experience more joy giving than getting, if you’re lucky you just might GET a giving/caring person in the process. You’ll win on both ends!

5. Give a simple holiday/Christmas card or send a holiday greeting via e-mail/facebook/twitter. This tip is for the guys/gals who have been crushing on a special someone from afar.  Most people admit to liking someone once they learn they like them first, so with this simple gesture your object of affection should get the hint that you are interested. The best part about this tactic is if their interest in not reciprocated your token is so small you could make it seem like you sent it out to a handful of other people (or actually do this) or your crush will probably think you did.

6. Our final tip is to comment or mention anything related to the season. During the holidays you automatically have something to talk about with anyone! See a cutie on Christmas Day? Smile bright and say “Merry Christmas!” or “Happy Holidays!” Shopping in a store? Ask for that Baldwin/Betty’s opinion on a gift you’re considering for the opposite sex – make sure they know it’s not for a love interest though. A common line is “You’re about the size of my sister or borther, would you mind holding this sweater up to you?” or “what would you think if you got this?” After Christmas you’re fine to ask if he/she got anything good this year, but bear in mind this should only be asked up to 3 days after Christmas. No more excuses about not knowing what to say because you’ll have a built in ice breaker!


Do you have any ideas or tips for places to go and things to do that involves taking advantage of the holiday season to get your swirl on? Leave your comment below


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