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December 14, 2010 / admin

BW Least Likely to wear makeup = Natural Beauties

Do you agree? and if so is this a testament to Black women’s natural beauty?

(I actually never wear foundation – only chapstick/lip gloss and the occasional eyeliner and mascara)

Ethnicity a factor in how women use cosmetics

by Samantha Critchell
Associated Press

With hundreds of new beauty products introduced each year, one has to wonder whether there’s a woman out there who still has any room left in her cosmetics case. Yet women of all ages and all skin tones still think they’re missing products that are right for them.

“More than anything, what we hear from consumers is that there is a frustration with trying to find products that work for them,” said Karen Grant, a senior beauty analyst at NPD, a consumer research firm.

Who’s wearing makeup?

According to NPD, in an online study of 5,657 women, 84 percent ages 18-64 have worn makeup in the past year.

Black women are the least likely to use makeup and skin-care products, Grant reported, and that might be because they probably have the hardest time matching these products to their skin color and treatment needs. They are, however, the biggest users of fragrance.

Overall, Hispanic women are the most likely to use makeup. The number hovers around 86 percent across all age groups. I think it relates to a cultural point of view about femininity and dressing up,” Grant said.

Among white women 18-34, 85 percent wear makeup, but that decreases to 77 percent of women 55 and older. Conversely, older Asian women – 85 percent – say they wear makeup vs. 82 percent of the younger group.

Younger black women, at 61 percent, were the least likely to wear makeup, while 71 percent of black women older than 55 reported wearing it.
There was a similar pattern in skin care, Grant said.

Less than 20 percent of black women said they used anti-aging facial products.

“It’s not that they always age well, they just age differently,” Grant said. “You’re more likely to see moles or blotchiness than lines and wrinkles.”

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