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December 6, 2010 / admin

Support Those Who Support You – Nix The Bachelor

‘The slap heard around tvland’.

It is supposed to be the shocking teaser that will suck you in and have you waiting with bated breath for ABC’s January lineup. Have no idea what I’m talking about? Well, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. You see, I’m referring to the ads that has recently gone into rotation to hype the return of a new ‘Bachelor’ season.

ABC has yet to reveal all of the women on their website, but if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. As of late the ladies of the Bachelor series all look the same, and it’s not  just the breast implants, nose jobs, dyed hair and size 2 dress size that they have in common. Besides that, every woman on the show could all play the role of snow white interchangeably.

This would be somewhat forgiveable if the producers of The Bachelor had decided to pick a Black woman to be a bachelorette (I’d rather see a Black woman getting fawned over by a bunch of hot men than a Black woman competing for one any day) as they have been known to stray from the ‘previous season reject gets a second shot at love’ formula and spring for someone totally new. 

Unfortunately, there has never been a Black Bachelorette in the history of the show, which has been on air since 2002. With the pattern of solely picking women from previous seasons to be the new Bachelorette, there doesn’t seem to be a shot in hell of a BW Bachelorette ever happening.

At least in earlier seasons the producers would throw in a solitary token Black woman in the mix, albeit she’d get very little camera “face time” and the boot prematurely… err – pretty early on, as the man would do the picking. Off track for a moment, I don’t think they’ve even ever had a Black male contestant on the show, but I might be wrong.

What’s The Bachelor’s beef with including other groups of women (and men) on their show. Don’t Black women need love too? According to all the articles and media coverage, Black women need love the most!

Now ask yourself this; When a show is clearly unapologetically ‘racist’ in its casting, why should we/you continue to support it? Some people have pointed out the dismal success of the show’s relationships,  claimed it’s a good thing Black women are not involved in the exploitation and tomfoolery, pointed to cable tv dating shows that feature Black Woman (ridiculous) and even suggested that Black Women probably just are not auditioning to be on the show (are they serious with this one?).

Regardless of whether or not the show works at finding its participants “true love” (with a track record of only 2 marriages), I am sure there are Black Women who are auditioning to be on the show, as we all know the REAL REASON anyone goes on these reality programs.

At the very least, being on the wildly popular series has given wanna be actors or famewhores (pick accordingly) like Jake Pavelka, Trish Schneider, Deanna Pappas, Shayne Lamas and Melissa Rycroft some semblance of a career/exposure. Jake was on Dancing with the Stars and got some acting gigs as well as was paid to do a ‘break up’ update show for ABC, Trish launched a baby product line and made 1 million dollars to get hitched on national tv, Deanna Pappas hosted a wedding program on WE TV, Shayne Lamas got a reality show and Melissa Rycroft was on Dancing with the Stars and became the host of the Bachelor Spin off Show ‘The Bachelor Pad’ as well as other hosting gigs.

Other contestants have reportedly been offered endorsement deals, gotten paid to make appearances at nightclubs and malls, and one group even got their own spin off reality show (The Bachelor Pad) where they competed to win a large prize. Not to mention, the Bachlor/Bachelorette makes serious money, with Aly (the most recent Bachlorette) reportedly making six figures. To top it all off, these people get to dress up, jet set around the world, live in a masion, experience exciting one of a kind dates/adventures that normal people could only dream of. Even if they get kicked off the show early, at the very least they get a mini-vacay and some name recognition as they try to parlay their appearance into bigger and better things.

It is obvious that the producers either believe Black Women are not worthy of being the Bachelorette or that more than one Black woman (none recently) can be a contender for the Bachelor’s heart. They belive their audience will not want to see interracial relationships, although most of the young viewing audience, of which Black women are a part of, probably wouldn’t bat an eyelash. I can imagine them justifying their actions right now with jibber jabber about how their audience won’t be able to ‘relate’ to a Black Bachlorette (b/c can anyone relate to the women chasing the men?) – you know, the usual excuse Hollywood is known for giving as to why they won’t cast Black people in top films (and when they do, take them off DVD covers).

If you asked me, if ‘The Bachelor’ REALLY wanted to go for shock value, they would have chosen a Black Bachelorette. We shall see if they will surprise us this year by including any Black women on the show, as we know how much this show loves a good surprise plot twist. It would shock the heck out of me and I would definitely advise their marketing team to feature these women in the promos!

Think about all that has been laid out here before you sit down and tune in (increased ratings = more advertising money for the show!) to this ‘dating show’ that wants your support but is unwilling to reciprocate it in turn.



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  1. nicedream / Dec 22 2010 11:00 am

    i stopped watching the bachelor loooong ago. it just isn’t fair and educative for that matter. I haven’t seen a soul of black woman the most diverse they got was to put Asian women in there… pff I am not watching that …
    good article by the way

    • admin / Dec 22 2010 1:50 pm

      Hi there, thanks for commenting and your compliment. Oh, are you referring to the asian woman that made the “landing strip” comment?

  2. J.R. LeMar / Dec 26 2010 4:42 pm

    The first Bachelorette had one Black dude in the initial 25, and she kept him for a few episodes before rejecting him.
    Then I stopped paying attention to those shows, so I don’t know about further seasons.

    FWIW, the first season of Brett Michaels’ Rock of Love also had a couple of Black women, one of whom stuck around for several episodes, and Antonio Sabato Jr. also had a Black woman for most of the season of his “My Antonio” show.

    As for Black “Bachelorette’s” well, Tiffany “New York” Pollard got two seasons of I Love New York, where a multi-ethnic group of men tried to win dates with her.

  3. rocket32 / Jan 1 2011 1:18 am

    I usually don’t post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. beautiful …

  4. ArbnGrl / Jan 5 2011 6:53 pm

    I stopped looking at it as well because of that. They never have black women on their show.
    What a waste of my time.

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