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December 2, 2010 / admin

Nikki’s Dating Adventures

Here’s an awesome blog discovery we couldn’t wait to share with you! Nikki’s Dating Adventures comes to us via the awesome blog Delovewriter .

Introduction From Delovewriter: “Nikki has to have it.  She’s young, single, black, and living in San Francisco, circa 1995.  Would you, the reader, like to know what kind of man she meets and beds? ”

Of course you do. Get ready to become addicted! Here’s a taste of Nikki’s dating adventures to whet your appetite.

WARNING: The writing below is NSFW/RATED R


Hi everyone.  It’s Nikki.  I was so excited about this.  Here’s the first posting I put on the dating site Guys and Dolls Chat Room.

Tall, attractive, entrepreneurial, intelligent BF looking for a working, 5’10” or taller handsome male, 25 to 38.  Race unimportant.  Respond to http://www.guysandollsdating@SFBG25.

With an ad like this, I expected an intelligent man who would recognized me as an enterprising woman—one who has been motivated to earn her own money, make her own decisions, and not rely on any man.  Of course, what this really meant was that I’m a temp working at different companies because no one will hire a full-time staff person. 

By Gloria Steinem’s standards, I’m not quite a liberated woman of the ‘90s because I expect men to pay for my company.  Sounds like a walking contradiction to me.  Well, it is.  So, let’s see what I ended up with. 

Tom was an exciting and virile 32 year old man.  I made the mistake of letting him meet me in front of my apartment with a motorcycle and an extra helmet.  You’ll read later what I mean.  We went to Pier 39 where we necked for what seemed like forever before going back to my place.  There we continued to neck some more when I could feel him getting a hard on.  He stood up and looked at me with his sexy green eyes, “Do you see what I have here?” Indeed, I could.  There was a bulge in his jeans.  “Want to suck it?,” he said, pulling down his pants down to reveal an approximately seven inch jack-in-the-box.  Well shaped I thought.  So, maybe I wanted his joystick in my mouth and maybe I didn’t.  I suddenly felt conflicted.  I mean, what should an intelligent BF say in a situation like this?  There he was with his rock hard joint staring me in the face and he wanted me to take it into my mouth.  What should I have done?  Why did he expect that of me? 

I decided not to oblige him. “No,” I said.  I came to my senses and attempted to pull up his pants.  He grabbed my head and forced it to his dick.  “Hell no!  I’m not going to do it.” His hands pushed me as I pulled hard back away from him.  I told him that I would bite his pale stick if he tried to put it in my mouth.  He angrily backed away with his hard-on shrinking.  What deterred him from retaliating was my look.  Sometimes a black woman has to pull out that I’m-going-to-kick-your-ass look.  It had always worked for me before.  Once I used it on the bus when a touchy feeling pestering man tried to grab a feel on my behind when passing.  I knew what it was. It was an attempt to get a small hard on before leaving the bus.  I moved the sharp edges of my purse so it punched the man in the perfect spot and I could see the squirmy look his face couldn’t conceal.  I would say, “Oh! I’m so sorry,” with a smile internally and a sympathetic look externally. 

Back to my date, I let Tom get too close and too personal for our first date.  “I will not do it. Get the fuck out,” I screamed feeling demoralized for behaving like a high school teenager necking and not realizing what the consequences might be.  I redeemed my self-respect long enough to pick myself up, calm down, and walk toward the door and waved my hand as if he were the last reluctant cow out of the barn. Tom needed to be kicked to the curve, I thought.  I guess he thought going for a ride and necking was a prelude to fellatio.

I never partake in fellatio on the first or second date.  Besides, this would be a contradiction to my personal ad as an intelligent woman. Wisdom sometimes takes a back seat to wanting instant satisfaction.  Thank goodness my roommate wasn’t there to see me making a fool out of myself.  Next time I’ll be a little more cautious.


Good stuff right? We have no qualms with saying we told you so! 🙂


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