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December 1, 2010 / admin

How to Increase your Chance of Finding a Missed Connection

Recently while reading an article about a successful missed connection match these two paragraphs jumped out at me.

Excerpt From “Craugslist Connects People Who Missed for the First Time”

“Jared Bibler saw Elisa Stead for only a minute on the T before his stop at Kenmore Square in Boston. But in that minute, he noticed the Chanel quilted denim skirt with the unfinished edges, the camel-colored turtleneck sweater, and most importantly, the tall girl with auburn hair who happened to be wearing her “cool outfit” that fall Tuesday in 2003.” …

“Stead had the same idea about writing a post to look for Bibler. Instead, she found his post the next day. “He was so specific,” Stead, a 25-year old project manager for Environmental Data Resources in Boston, remembered about the post. “It was the stop, the line, the time. I clicked on it, thinking it would be an interesting read even if it wasn’t me.”  ”

There’s a simple lesson to be learned in this story.

Keeping in mind that it would be best to figure out a way to chat up a person once you feel a connection to them in the moment, if for any reason neither of you end up making the first move and you find yourself hoping the object of your affection peruses the MC forum as often as you do, be observant and specific.

Take note of what the handsome/gorgeous stranger is wearing, especially of things that stand out: zebra print leggings, cowboy boots, bags, tattoos, hair color/style, accessories, book/newspaper, if they were holding coffee, wearing an Obama pin, etc.

 Observe the settings: Time, what train stop he/she got on or off, name of the store you were both in, what the person was doing or other noticeable things that were happening in your surroundings at the time.

You get the point! If possible write it down once you decide you’ll test fate to provide you with a second chance to reconnect via your missed connections post.

Additional must-add’s are a description of yourself and don’t forget to describe the connection you felt and any interaction between the two of you. Recall the glances you traded back and forth, his/her smile and .


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