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November 28, 2010 / admin

Rejecting Men Gracefully

There’s always been talk about how harsh some Black women can be in rejecting White men.

Some White Men express fear of not only being rejected, but rudely rejected and brutally embarrassed. I recount one blog commenter’s remembrance of a woman busting out in a full belly laugh at the mere thought of being asked out by him, a white man. The woman delivered the blow to this fella’s ego to his face and then, to add insult to injury, finished him off by declaring him ‘a little bit too pale for her taste’.

Then there are stories of women open to interracial dating who bemoan the types of White men who approach them not being their type. Even in instances where old, ugly or creepy men approach, as long as it is respectfully, there is a gracious way to turn them down.

Think about it, is it really necessary to proclaim you are only into black men or would never date a white guy or mention false stereotypes about white men not being able to please you (how would you know if you’ve never tried) when a guy has mustered up the courage to make his interest in you known. A simple “Thanks, but I’m off the market” would do. He’ll never know it’s not true and most men won’t press the issue if told this.

The old adage of treating others the way you’d want to be treated starkly applies here. If you wouldn’t like to be rejected in an ungracious manner, don’t do it to others!


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