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November 26, 2010 / admin

Skyping for International Love

There’s been a lot of talk about Black Women going overseas to find love in the arms of non-American men.

Widely spread beliefs are that Black Women are more valued, their beauty stands out and is more appreciated, interracial dating is more common or less frowned upon overseas and European men and their families do not hold the same racist stereotypical (negative) views of Black women held by White Men in the U.S.A.

While this may or may not be true, many people can’t afford to just pick up and move to another country. So, what is a girl to do while she’s saving her coins and numbering her days on U.S. soil before she sets sail into a whole new foreign world?

I think I’ve stumbled across the perfect solution… and it’s totally FREE!


Skype is a peer to peer internet based telephone system… the AOL Instant Messenger of today! It’s completely free to talk and video chat on skype with anyone else anywhere in the world as long as they are also using the service. Skype is well known and used in other countries thereby opening up a world of folks for you to meet and converse with.

The best way to utilize skype is to find people who share similar interests (foreign language exchange, sports and travel to name a few).  Some sites that will help you do this are:
Skype’s Community Site
Skype’s Coffee Corner
Polyglot Club

Skyping is a great way to learn new cultures directly from the people who know it best, discover places that might be a good fit for you, practice and master the language of the country you are preparing to visit and to make friends to be your hosts or introduce you to mr. Right when the time comes for you to bid the USA adieu.


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  1. jessie / Jun 20 2011 1:13 pm

    thanks for the post ! i never knew about any of this and now im hooked lol .

  2. Joycelyn kessie / Nov 10 2012 4:16 am

    Well i have being dreaming of getting marred to a white man seine i was a kid but it seems it’s not easy to find one well i dont know if someone can help me find one and please if u can help me please contract me on 233241840505

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