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November 23, 2010 / admin

Pt 1 – Vanessa and Red on Hellcats

Any Hellcats fans in here?

Well it looks like another black woman / white man television love affair is underway between main characters, Vanessa (Sharon Leal) and Coach Red (Jeff Hephner) on the new CW show, Hellcats.

In the show, Vanessa and Coach Red are old flames who clearly still have feelings for one another, but Vanessa is currently in a relationship (she just got engaged in the last episode) with another guy.

The chemistry is undeniable between the two and it seems like trouble is looming in Vanessa’s engagement as Vanessa and Coach Red can’t be in a room for more than 10 seconds before they’re tempted to lock lips and visions of the two getting it on, on top of an office desk no less, plagues Vanessa’s dreams.

From the Hellcats website:

The Two Men in Question

Overseeing all the practices and personal drama is former Hellcats star and current coach Vanessa Lodge (Sharon Leal, “Dreamgirls,” “Private Practice”). Vanessa has a history with Red Raymond (Jeff Hephner, “The O.C.”), the school’s football coach, a history which creates conflict between Vanessa and her fiance, the Hellcats team doctor, Derek (D.B. Woodside, “24”). Vanessa’s job is on the line unless the squad wins the upcoming nationals. Just like Marti, Vanessa’s future is riding on the Hellcats ascending to the very top of the fiercely competitive cheerleading world

Watch HellCats on the CW Wednesdays 9/8C
Watch Full Episodes HERE


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