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November 20, 2010 / admin

This Week’s Site Challenge

Thanksgiving will soon be upon us and you know what that means – Turkey, stuffing, potato salad, pumpkin pie, Ham, Hawaiian Rice,  (the list could go on and on). What’s with all this talk of delicious, mouth watering, ridiculousy fatty food?

Even if you won’t be the one slaving over a stove this Thanksgiving, chances are you’ll probably prepare a dish to contribute to the meal, or at the very least you should pick up some dessert and refreshments from the grocery store. And if you’re going to do that, you’ll be in the company of many single men and women also preparing for the big day.

Now, remember the operative word when “shopping” for singles is single – so no women with engagement rings or men with wedding bands no matter how cute they look (remember how the Scarlet Johansson and Bradley Cooper relationship in He’s Just Not That Into You worked out). Another way to tell if the person you are eyeing is single is to peek into their cart; Lots of merchandise as if the person is shopping for a family – back off. Singles tend to shop a lot lighter as they are only cooking for 1.

This week’s Site Challenge breakdown is as follows:

Challenge Duration: Challenge Begins Saturday and ends Wednesday
Challenge Location: Grocery Store / Supermarket
Challenge Goal: To get a phone number or e-mail address
Challenge Requirements:
1. Most people do this already – but you should be alone (no wing men/wing women)
2. Of course you need to look attractive, so women, come prepared in your cutest outfit, make-up done and hair correct. Men should be equally on their game. No dirty sweats, ripped up or wrinkly clothes and worn out sneakers. You can really be as dressed up as you want b/c you could be coming from work on a weekday. Go for stylishly casual on the weekends, but under no circumstance should you look like you’re just grocery shopping!
3. Shopping list: You will need to use the merchandise as a foil to strike up a conversation, so have 1 or 2 items already in your basket/cart so it doesn’t look too suspect.

Level 1:
WOMEN/MEN: Grocery shop as per usual all the while keeping your eyes open for any cuties that strike your fancy. Once you have identified your target wait until they stop and start pondering what they are going to purchase *women are notorious for thinking really hard about their purchases*. Place your cart beside his/hers or in the general vicinity, then pick up a few boxes/bags of merchandise and scatter it in his/her cart.

Level 2:
Chances are your target will notice this and turn his/her attention to you. Your task is to appear shocked, apologize and say a variation of the following while removing your items: “Oh, wow. Sorry about that. It appears I thought you needed some help with your shopping list. If you need any other recommendations I’m happy to help” or “Oops, it appears I put something healthy in your cart. Are you sure I shouldn’t leave it here?” If what you pick up is not healthy focus on that “Oops, I should have known. This cart is way too healthy to be mine. Maybe I should be shopping with you!” Everything you say should be in a flirtatious/joking manner – with no hint/tone of disgust or serious judgement. You should be smiling and even lightly chuckling/laughing.

Level 3: 
Do you have the guts to be a little bit more aggressive? If so, your task is to “mistakingly” take his/her cart instead of your own and wheel off. When your target stops you, appear shocked and apologize, followed by some variation of the following: “Oh, wow! Can you tell I don’t come here often? Actually this looks a lot better than my cart, do you want to swap?” or “Oh I’m sorry,” then when taking a hold of your cart hold up something really unhealthy “Was it the cheese doodles that tipped you off?”

Level 4:
FOR THE BOLD BWWM readers out there – Your task is to run into your target with your shopping cart but try to make it seem as though it was your target’s fault. Again, apologize and turn that “accident” into a joke with a variation of the following: “Whoa! I promsie not to get the insurance people involved for a turkey leg and a slice of sweet potato pie” or “”Ouch, I feel a little whiplash coming on” while gripping your neck.

In all four levels/tasks you should get some kind of conversation going (if the person is reluctant or not interested back off and find a new target). Ask about a product with the following line “Hey, since I’ve got your attention (since you almost ran me over *for level 4*) do you mind helping me with something” or ask about something in your target’s cart “I don’t mean to be nosy, but what DO you Do with hummus?” Thank them for their insight and then back off if you feel it’s too awkward to close the deal there and get a number/email or your male target hasn’t asked. WOMEN should not ask for e-mail or a phone number or offer hers first.

 Make sure to find your target at whatever checkout line he/she joins where you make a comment about seeing them again and introduce yourself. You can say “You again, I feel like we should be on a first basis by now. I’m Tim”. Try to find something in common. Since they are grocery shopping where you are you could ask “I suppose you are from this neighborhood,” “Me too, hey we should exchange info. I’m new here and could use an expert to tell me which restaurants to avoid” or “Me too, hey I’ve been looking for a running partner in the area. Any chance you could be up for that?”

Great Tip: **Try going to the Famer’s Market or a health food store like Trader Joe’s (if you’re into that). Having a bf/gf who is health conscious will undoubtedly rub off on you and your eating habits**

Just think, you could be giving thanks next year for finding your beau over the frozen foods aisle in Whole Foods next year! 

How’d you do? What level did you make it to? Did you get a number or e-mail address or better yet, a date? Report your results in the comment section! Good Luck!

Don’t forget to like and Retweet this challenge to all of your single friends!



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  1. Ali / Nov 23 2010 2:07 pm

    I don’t know, I never see young good looking guys when I go to the supermarket, but I go early in the day in the middle of the week to try to avoid a crowd because on weekends the shelves run bare. Maybe there’s a certain day or time when one would be more likely to encounter the single, young, cute crowd?

  2. admin / Nov 23 2010 4:11 pm

    That would make sense if you’re just shopping for food, but if you’re shopping for food AND a date you probably want to go on the weekends in the afternoon (since most ppl will probably sleep in late). And you’d probably find more young, good looking single guys if you go to the farmer’s market, wholefoods or Trader Joe’s in a city/hip neighborhood.

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