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November 14, 2010 / admin

Break the Ice with Props

A surefire way for women who find themselves attracted to shy men to inspire conversation is to adorn themselves with Props.

What are props? Props are conversational pieces that can range from clothing to a hairstyle to shoes, etc. As long as it is something that stands out and is likely to get a reaction/comment, it’s a prop.

The idea behind props working can clearly be seen on Halloween. I think most adults dress up for Halloween because they love the attention they can get from strangers, who see fit to comment on their outfits/getups without missing a beat. Go to any bar/club on Halloween and you’ll see what I mean!

The props you wear in every day life do not have to be outlandish like Halloween costumes, but they will give a potential suitor something to strike up a conversation with you about and give you the opportunity to flirt back /let him know your interest.

Take them, expand upon them and share your own in the comments section:

1. Suspenders – No one wears them so you will definitely stand out. Try to pair them with uber cute skinny jeans and flats or a short flowy skirt and a modest heel.
2. Rings – Scrabble rings (or necklaces) with just one letter will be sure to get a guy asking what the letter stands for.
3. Buttons/Broach -Buttons with bold statements or beautiful and unsual Broaches pinned on your jacket or a fabric bag.
4. Funky Nail Art – (this will probably work better for the younger/college aged crowd)
5. Shoes – Glittered, bows, cute patterns. Tom’s shoes also tend to stand out since many people associate the brand with it’s good PR and the label is prominently displayed on every pair.
6. Graphic Tees – More common, but tee shirts with unexpected/cute quips will be sure to get people’s attention
7. An extremely cute or unusual animal – Also pretty common but really works!
8. Fedora Hat – Most people don’t wear them but they have a way of looking extra cute on women, especially when tipped to the side
9. The hottest/latest gadget – Ipad, Iphone, Kindle, an extra slim Apple Laptop etc. The newer the technology the more likely people are to comment on it.
10. Musical Instrument – Carry around a guitar case or violin case. Hopefully men who find you cute will offer to help you lug your equipment around thereby giving you a great chance to strike up a conversation. Obviously this works better if you actually PLAY!

Go prop searching this weekend (great excuse to go shopping!) and report on any success you have with them!


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