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November 13, 2010 / admin

Who Turned you on?

I have been attracted to men who didn’t look like me for as long as I can recall. That’s not to say I wasn’t attracted to men who DID look like me (in terms of skin color), I was – all 2 of them (one in elementary school and the other in High School *but he was taken by a Spanish chica*). Everyone else was Asian, Spanish and White. 

A girl can DREAM!

The first boy who every publicly made it known he had a crush on me and therefore was my first crush in return (as far back as I can remember) had curly blonde hair andblue eyes. We were 9 and he declared his intentions to kiss and marry me within the first 10 minutes of us meeting. Lol. He was forward. **I wonder what he grew up to look like and if he was that bold at 9…**

It’s really simple – I liked him because he liked me and thought he was kind of cute. I was on holiday so that lasted for all of 5 minutes, but from that time on I began noticing my strong attraction to non-bm.

In High School, I was crushing really hard on a cute, tall Asian guy with gorgeous long hair (who seemed to like me back but was EXTREMELY SHY) when this White guy began making known his attraction and interest in me. We became friends and then lovers and the Asian guy faded to black.

Since then I’ve dated Black men and White men but find myself more attracted to White guys to this day. I didn’t keep in touch with my first love, but my second love (also a WM) , of which I was his first, went on to date a string of Black women. I always wondered if I turned him on to Black Women (interestingly enough after dating mainly black Women he is now engaged to a White Woman).

 I do believe my bold childhood first crush turned me on to white men and then my high school boyfriend solidified that attraction (It helped that he was hot, funny, treated me like a princess, was awesome in bed and always knew the right things to say). To this day I wonder about what could have been had I not foolishly let him go 😦

So, who turned you on to Black Women / White men? Do you think this person is responsible for your preference? I can’t wait to read your stories. Comment in the section below!


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  1. Cheri / Nov 15 2010 1:21 pm

    When I was a little girl I always had a crush on the white guys in the movies. As a matter of fact my first official crush was Michael Douglas in Romancing the Stone. Then it went to Patrick Swayze and etc. As far as non famous guys my crushes were always different ethnicities. It was just how I was. It’s kind of like someone asking me why I love strawberries. I just do!!

  2. admin / Nov 15 2010 1:35 pm

    I never saw Romancing the Stone but now that you mention it, I was in LOVE with Patrick Swayze, but I don’t quite remember how old I was when I saw the movie. I wanted to be baby and even wore my flirty baby skirt (the one that lifts up when you spin) whenever I would watch the movie *which was often*. Maybe HE turned me on to WM…

  3. jessie / Jun 3 2011 12:12 pm

    I blame it all on Zack Morris from Save by the Bell lol

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