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September 17, 2014 / admin

Midweek Missed Connections – September 2014

Yep, somewhere in America there is a White guy and Black girl checking each other out – on a train, bus, mall, bar, cafe, etc. Unfortunately all too many of these individuals will never speak, meet or connect because of bad timing, insecurity, etc. That is where Craigslist missed connections comes into play. I love browsing these stories from time to time and if nothing, it’s proof that White men definitely find Black women attractive – and vice versa (lots of staring, flirting, smiling being described in these posts).
Maybe one of these very posts is meant for you! I hope these hopefully (albeit a little far reaching) posts will inspire you to speak up and seize the moment. 

headBlack girl at Topanga Mall – m4w – 29 (West Valley)

Craigslist Los Angeles

We both stared (but we didn’t want the other to know we were staring!) at each other frequently (in fact I did catch your smile) at the food court. Maybe you didn’t know it but I love dating women outside my race. You were 28-33? Maybe 5’5″ to 5’8″? Wearing a short plaid skirt with a tight top (yes, you have amazing legs!). I didn’t approach you because it looked like you were with your mom and I didn’t want to freak her out (but I should have!). OK, me. 44, /divorced/muscular body/Italian/French/German.

Bridgeport train station – m4w (Bridgeport)

Black girl, from train station. Friday around 1pm. I’m white guy, you ask me- how you doing. I want to see you again. I guess you go to New Haven.

Cute Black girl who took pic with me at Colombian Festival(7/20/14) – m4w – 25 (Elizabeth, NJ)

I know this is probably a real shot in the dark, but here it goes anyway. I am looking for a cute black girl who took a picture with me on Morris Ave. a few doors down from The Burger King on Sunday July the 20th., the day of The Colombian Festival in Elizabeth, N.J. I was with a group of friends and we asked you if you could take a pic of us. Then I asked you if I could take a pic with you and you said yes, so we did. I was the thick(not fat) dude with the red shorts, Superman yellow, blue and red shirt(the Colombian colors) and a yellow wrap on my head, green eyes also had on very light shades, and tan skin. I was slightly drunk, so I did not even ask you for your number after we took the pic together. (kickin’ myself for that one) Just so you don’t get the wrong idea, I only drink socially, and I do work , and am working on a profession. Like I said, I know this is a shot in the dark, but thought I would try it anyway.


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September 16, 2014 / admin

Everything You Need to Know to Meet, Attract & Green Light White Men

finalcoverThe (130 page) book is finally here! As promised on our webinar a few weeks ago, everything you need to know on how to meet, attract and green light White men is available in the book, “How to be Irresistible to White Men: Interracial Dating Secrets of Asian Women Black Women Who Swirl Should Know”. To all of those who pre-ordered the book at the discount price of $9.97, your book and bonuses are in your inbox (check it)

I still wanted to extend the early bird price for those of you new readers or readers of the blog who didn’t catch the webinar (I might be putting up a replay). SO you too can get the book for $9.97 when you CLICK HERE.

Read below for the introduction and if you have any questions about what’s in the book, feel free to ask me in the comments section below.



Back when I was in college, I answered a ‘student roommate wanted’ ad for an apartment in New York City. Little did I know, this was the day that would change my entire philosophy and outlook on men, and the course of my life forever.

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September 16, 2014 / admin

NOMINATE YOUR FAVORITE! TV’s Best Interracial Couple 2014

Who deserves the best interracial couple on television for 2014?

Who deserves the best interracial couple on television for 2014?

So, since I don’t watch television I’m going to need your help on this one! Because if it were up to me Toni and Todd Garrette from Girlfriends is still the first interracial couple that comes to my mind and lord only knows how long that show has been off the air! haha.

As such, I’m turning to you to nominate your favorite interracial couple (black woman/white man) on television for 2014. It matters not the category (drama, sitcom, reality television show, soaps *Do these still exist?*, etc… You name it! As long it’s on television, I want it!)

Those of you who love seeing pairs on television that resemble your relationship and want to support these shows, now you’ll have a running list to consult!

Leave the name of the actor/actress, their character’s name (if applicable), and the name of the television show in the comment box below. Once we have a pretty good list, I will put those names up for voting!


1. What constitutes a “couple”?

Married, dating, dated in the past, flirting, hooking up. However, if you just wish two characters would have a love storyline introduced or anything like that, it wouldn’t qualify for this competition, sorry!

2. What if the character(s) had only a guest spot or is not a recurring character?

That’s okay. The character(s) doesn’t have to be a main character. Guest spots, characters in a handful of episodes, etc. are totally cool.

3. What about webisodes?

Nooo… but if you have a webisode or know of a web show that features an interracial couple, let me know about it so that I can feature it here on the blog.

4. What happens after I nominate my favorite couple?

We will then make a separate post featuring all of your suggested nominees that will be open for voting.

5. Should I nominate my couple in the comments box if someone else already did?

Nope. Not necessary. Just make sure you come back and vote for that couple once we get all the nominees in.

Oh Toni Childs, how I loved her!

September 12, 2014 / admin

White Man Suspicious of BW Seeking IR Relationships

I received the following note from a reader named Jay. Tell me if this sounds familiar :

Hi, I enjoyed having a look at your blog, I didn’t imagine such a blog would exist. In fact I did a bit more than enjoy it, it got me sexually excited, as a white male, to picture myself with a black female. But I still have mental barriers about it… When I see one, I always fear that she only likes black guys. Also, when I see this : I think that she looks confident, he doesn’t, and im pretty sure she will soon involve him in cuckoldry. What do you think? thank you :)

As the admin of this blog I’ve heard my fair share of suspicions expressed from Black women (and Black men) in regards to BW WM Interracial Dating. “Most White men just want to know what it’s like to be with a Black woman but won’t marry them or introduce them to his family,” “He’s got jungle fever or fetishizes Black women,” “He is only with Black women because White women don’t want him,” “He only likes Black women because he wants to be Black / acts black / talks black, etc,”

I have to admit though, I rarely hear White men express their suspicions about Black women who are interested in Interracial Dating; but apparently, as evidenced by the note above, some White men are thinking that pretty Black girls with White partners aren’t genuine or have ulterior motives.

To be clear, a cuckold is a husband whose wife has had sex with someone else. So this reader assumes this attractive Black Women in my Real Wedding Pictures Post will cheat on her White husband sooner than later. Interesting…

Is it because he doesn’t think her husband will be able to satisfy her? Or that she’ll get bored of him? Does he think White guys are too Beta to keep their pretty Black girlfriends and wives around? Is this what other White men fear and is it a mental roadblock for them to approach Black women they deem attractive?


You may or may not be aware that BWWM marriages are typically the longest lasting interracial couplings, and if all these Black women marrying White men were cheating on their husbands I’m sure their unions wouldn’t be lasting so long.

If the issue is that the Black Woman seems more confident or would be considered slightly more attractive than her White mate, I’ll have you know that is the case with most couples, their races notwithstanding. Most men simply won’t date a woman who he thinks is not at least on his level of attractiveness, and almost all of them will try to date one point higher or more.

I find this dynamic keeps the man appreciating his mate and gives her ample reason to stay instead of stray.

What say you? Have you heard White men give this particular reason for being suspicious of Black women who date interracially? Or have you heard any other common anxieties they have? Share it below in the comments section.

September 9, 2014 / admin

Oldest Interracial Newlyweds Involved in Family Drama

Possibly the oldest interracial newlywed couple

Possibly the oldest interracial newlywed couple

Newlyweds Edith Hill, 96, and Eddie Harrison, 95, are likely to be the oldest interracial newlywed couple in the world, according to an article about the couple and their family drama on AOL.

The two met while standing in line for a lottery ticket, which resulted in a $2500 win, over ten years ago and have been together ever since. The Virginians would not have been allowed to marry if they had met in their 20s or 30s or 40s, given Virginia’s law banning interracial marriages at the time.

But the story isn’t all roses and butterflies – and the world record might not last for long, since Hill has been declared legally incapacitated for several years and her estate worth $425,000 now hangs in the balance.

With marriage comes rights and Mr. Harrison legally has claim to that fortune should anything happen to his new wife. That means Mrs. Edith’s family would have to split their inheritance, which doesn’t sit too well with one of her two daughters.

Hill’s daughter, Patricia Barber, who is opposed to the marriage and had no idea about the couple’s intention to marry is calling for a judge to annul their union in Mrs. Hill’s best interest. She claims her sister and co-guardian over their mother, Rebecca Wright, acted improperly by taking her mother to get married without the court’s permission.

While the judge, James Clark, found the marriage to have been improper, he also worried that breaking up the couple could “create a circumstance in Mrs. Hill’s life that she doesn’t deserve.” A current investigation is underway, being led by  lawyer, Jessica Niesen, to gather the facts and meet the couple.

If she finds that the marriage is not in Hill’s best interest, she has the authority to pursue a divorce or possibly an annulment on Hill’s behalf.

It’s yet to be seen if Hill and Harrison’s marriage will be upheld but for now, the two live together in Annandale, with Rebecca and Robin Wright (Mrs. Hill’s granddaughter) helping care for them. Rebecca Wright said the two do a good job taking care of each other – his hearing is not great, and her vision is not great. They dance, listen to music and take walks, which has improved their health.

July 23, 2014 / admin

Naya Rivera and Ryan Dorsey… Just Married


naya rivera, Black/German and Puerto Rican

27 year old “Glee” actress, Naya Rivera, is off the single congo. No, she hasn’t rebounded back into the arms of the rapper who stole from her and dogged her out on social media (thank god) – she’s now Mrs. Dorsey to be exact, now.

“Who, what, now?”, you might be thinking.


Three months after her engagement ended to rapper, Big Sean, Naya found herself walking down the aisle with fellow actor, Ryan Dorsey. The wedding took place last weekend in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in front of a small group of friends and relatives.




While it may seem rushed, the couple has actually known each other for four years; however, according to reports, their romance didn’t “blossom” until shortly after Naya’s engagement to Big Sean ended last Spring. Perhaps he was finally able to step up to the plate after watching her almost drop into the death trap… err, I mean ride off into the sunset with the catch that is Big Sean.naya rivera marries ryan dorsey

naya rivera marries ryan dorseyClassic case of keeping it moving and the guys who are into you but not on your schedule learning to pick up the pace.

Arguable, I don’t know much about these characters, but Big Sean doesn’t scream faithful, quality guy to me. I could be wrong, but I doubt it. Also, can you say upgrade? Here’s a pic of Ryan Dorsey below.

THOUGHTS? WELL WISHES? SHADE? Leave ‘em below, I’ll break out the popcorn!


July 17, 2014 / admin

Should you Narrow or Expand your MUST HAVE List?

9781580629768_ps_0114_001We all have mental or physical lists that pertain to the ideal qualities we are looking for in a mate -

He/she has to be well educated, funny, tall, come from a good family, successful, and on and on and on.

Of course we all want the best mate we can find, but can such lists be preventing you from finding love? When does a list get to be too much, or when do you need to bump up your standards?

There are two schools of thought about putting such strict parameters on the people that you meet and potentially date.



The first is that if your list is as long as the bible, your expectations are way too high and you’re shooting yourself in the foot if you think anyone can live up to everything you want. Furthermore, most of us don’t even stack up to the gargantuan requirements we put on others. Are you making six figures, have the body of a greek goddess/god or the most patient, loving and kind person 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

Chances are the answer is no. You might be working towards that, and it’s always good to be improving and growing, but we all fall short in some way. So, to expect to find someone perfect when you are not perfect yourself is just wishful thinking.



7da58580On the other hand, should you lower your expectations and just settle for anyone who comes along?

Unfortunately,  this seems to be the popular school of thought in the Black community and especially, religious circles.

You shouldn’t demand too much of your partner – take the person as they are and love them anyway. Stop trying to hold out for a white collar man (on par with your job) and settle for that perfectly fine blue collar guy with slight anger/control issues and a few baby mamas. At least you won’t be lonely, right?



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